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Welcome To JP Crossen Decorators

Established in 1965, Peter Crossen embarked on his journey in Belfast, completing four years of apprenticeship before refining his skills in Long Island, New York.

Upon his return, he founded JP Crossen Decorators, a company rooted in tradition yet embracing modern techniques. In 1992, his son Simon joined the team, forming a formidable partnership that spans over five decades. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a blend of traditional methods with contemporary products, we cater to every aspect of decoration across diverse projects.

Recognised for our excellence, in 2001, we were honoured to be approached by Dulux and invited to join their prestigious Dulux Select Decorators programme, becoming one of the pioneering members in Northern Ireland. Upholding rigorous standards and continuous assessment by industry experts, this affiliation offers customers assurance with fully vetted tradesmen, comprehensive insurance, and a two-year guarantee on our workmanship.


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With over five decades of experience since its establishment in 1965, JP Crossen Decorators boasts a rich heritage of excellence in painting, historical restoration, and hand-painted kitchen services. Our founder, Peter Crossen, honed his craft through apprenticeship both locally in Belfast and internationally in Long Island, New York, ensuring a wealth of expertise passed down through generations.

At JP Crossen, we seamlessly blend time-honoured techniques with the latest innovations in the industry. Our team upholds traditional methods while utilising modern products and technology to deliver superior results that stand the test of time. Whether it's restoring historical buildings or creating bespoke hand-painted kitchens, our approach ensures the perfect balance of authenticity and contemporary flair.

As one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to join the prestigious Dulux Select Decorators programme, JP Crossen Decorators stands as a beacon of accredited excellence. Undergoing continuous assessment by industry experts and backed by comprehensive insurance, our affiliation with Dulux offers customers peace of mind, guaranteeing the highest standards of craftsmanship, professionalism, and service reliability.


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JP Crossen Decorators offers comprehensive painting and decorating services. From expertly painted interiors and exteriors to bespoke hand-painted kitchens, our skilled team delivers impeccable craftsmanship. With a blend of traditional methods and modern innovation, we transform spaces with precision and finesse. Explore our full range of services for your next project!